Challenger Networking Group (CA)

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There's a different speaker at every meeting. The Orange County meeting is new for 2009, and while the following is true for the LA meeting the OC one is probably similar: You pay as you walk in, meet the organizers, get a name tag, fill a plate from the buffet, and then find a seat, family style, with the other approximately 100 networkers. Commence eating and networking. They have a different speaker each week, usually announced a couple weeks prior, starting about 30mins in and speaking for perhaps 45mins. General (standing) networking occurs after that and can linger for a couple hours (so long sometimes that people will get more food). While the majority of the people attending are job seekers, because of the speakers and high quality of the attendees, some are employed professionals. Dress is business casual. This is a friendly and helpful lot! Recommended.

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This networking group sponsored by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. is designed for executives in all disciplines and will be hosted by Pete Tzavalas and facilitated by Dick Kaumeyer. It will meet the first and third Tuesdays of the month. A wide range of speakers will be available talking on current topics for those interested in enriching their careers, forming new contacts, those in transition, etc. "